2021-22 Committees, Meeting Schedule & Agendas

To submit agenda items, contact CDA Chair, Becky Rutherfoord at brutherf@kennesaw.edu.

CDA Representatives to University Committees:

Chair of CDA: Becky Rutherfoord (through summer)
Chair Elect: TBA
Secretary: Ariel Turner
Academic Standing: Ashley Dupuy
Distance Learning Executive Committee: Traci Redish
Faculty Senate: Ugena Whitlock
Faculty & Staff Administrative Review: Neporcha Cone
Grievance Oversight: Ben Klein 
Adult Learning Committee: Cecile Accilien
University Council: to be elected & Barbara Gainey
Parking Committee: David Stollberg
Policy Process Council: Alice Pate
Academic Master Plan: Mark Mitchell,Olaf Berwald, Kelly Johnston, Andrew Yak
Student Technology Fee Advising Committee: Traci Redish
Events Steering Committee: Kandice Porter
General Education Committee:  Alice Pate
Meeting Times:
Date & Time                    Location                    Records

September 1, 2021            TBA                           See CDA D2L Site

October 6, 2021                 TEAMs mtg              See CDA D2L Site

November 3, 2021             TBA                          See CDA D2L Site

December 1, 2021             TEAMs mtg              See CDA D2L Site

January 26, 2022               TBA                          See CDA D2L Site

February 16, 2022              TEAMs mtg              See CDA D2L Site

March 16, 2022                  TBA                          See CDA D2L Site

April 13, 2022                     TEAMs mtg              See CDA D2L Site

May 4, 2022                       TBA                          See CDA D2L Site