2023-24 Meeting Schedule & Committees

To submit agenda items, contact the current CDA Chair, John Havard at jhavard@kennesaw.edu.

CDA Executive Committee

Chair of CDA: John Havard (2023-2024)

Chair-Elect: Ben Klein (Chair for 2024-2025)

Immediate Past Chair: Laura Palmer

Secretary: Tiffany Esmat (2023-2024)

CDA Representatives to University Committees:

Note: This list will be reviewed in August of 2023.
Academic Standing: Khawaja Saeed
Digital Learning Advisory Committee: Arvin Johnson
Faculty Senate: Vacant
Faculty & Staff Administrative Review: Neporcha Cone
Grievance Oversight: Ben Klein 
Adult Learning Committee: Chris Sharpe
Policy Process Council: Laura Palmer
Student Technology Fee Advising Committee: Vacant
Events Steering Committee: Vacant
General Education Committee: Ashley Dupuy
Meeting Times:  All meetings are on Wednesdays from 9:00 am - 11:00 am (face-to-face). Last year's dates will be updated during Summer 2023.

Date                                           Location                Time

September X, 2023                      TBD                       9 am to 11 am

October X, 2023                            TBD                       9 am to 11 am

November X, 2023                        TBD                       9 am to 11 am

December X, 2023                        TBD                        9 am to 11 am

January X, 2024                            TBD                         9 am to 11 am

February X, 2024                            TBD                         9 am to 11 am

March X, 2024                                 TBD                         9 am to 11 am

April X, 2024                                    TBD                        9 am to 11 am

May X, 2024                                     TBD                        9 am to 11 am 

  1. The ALC or Academic Learning Center is located on the Kennesaw Campus. Marietta Campus dates TBD.